Forever Bart 

A Limited Edition Print

The illustrious career of Bart Starr is that of epic proportion and unparalleled excellence. A team player who led with passion, example and a leadership quality that demanded unified victory. Second only to his athletic excellence was the quality of his character with every step away from the field. As a part of his lasting legacy Artist Steve R. Skipper has been formally commissioned by the Starr Family to visually commemorate the The life of the iconic hero. An Original Painting and Exquisite value appreciating Limited Edition is being prepared to continue the unique inspiration of this American hero. Order yours today to relive the heart touching inspiration which is exclusively and purely Bart.
“We were so pleased when Steve approached us about creating a piece of art to honor Bart’s life.  Because Bart admired Steve’s character even more than his immense talent, we are thrilled and honored to work with him.  Steve’s vision for this special project will be sure to convey Bart’s devotion to humanity and his unselfish spirit, traits that have inspired so many individuals.” 
Cherry Starr

The image shown here is a preliminary drawing for the upcoming Original Painting celebrating the life of Bart Starr.

About Anointed Homes Art

We proudly represent exclusively the Artwork of internationally renowned Artist Steve R. Skipper who has utilized the weapon of hard work and the exclusive teaching of Jesus Christ and his guidance to build a stellar reputation for producing some of the finest works of art in the world.

At Anointed Homes Art we are committed to producing Fine Art Prints at the highest level. We have fine-tuned our craft over the years and continually introduce technologies that maintain our level of expertise and have gained us a place of respect and recognition in the art world. We have matched our Faith with our works to bring our Collectors a product that is indeed second to none. Our motivation is the high Calling and Gifting of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our drive and determination to never be disobedient to His heavenly vision.

While digital printing would be a faster way to produce prints we take a different tack. Utilizing traditional craftsmanship we are committed to the subtle process of focused detail work and creativity to accomplish the goal of super-realism. Whether you select one of our Original Paintings, Lithographic or Giclée Prints on Exquisite Acid-Free Papers or Canvas we guarantee all materials are of the highest quality.  Additionally, our high standards for inks and close artist supervision for the reproduction process assures Collectors that our Fine Art Prints will be an honored addition to their collections.

The best way to highlight your Fine Art Print is with one of our custom frames and matting which includes one of our specially designed medallions. We invite you to view our prints in the Studio Store and make a selection based on your personal preferences.

About the Artist

Steve R. Skipper is one of the most highly prolific and honored Artist in the realms of Sports, Equestrian, Portraiture, and Christian Artwork. Born in Rosedale- Homewood, Alabama. His work hangs on permanent display in some of the most hallowed halls in America. The Pro Football, College Football, Alabama Sports and International Motorsports Hall of Fame. The Paul W. Bryant Museum and the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum.

Our New Project

Out of all the years of being aware of the Civil Rights Movement and the legacy of Dr. King, I would come to find out that there was a hidden link to the chain of legacy. The imperative link including the quest to Bimini Bahamas for an unparalleled encounter in the secret place of the Most High. A place where a heart to heart conditioning was experienced. Escaping the ever descending forces of death deep into the mangroves of Bimini. Reaching the arms of God and gaining the courage to stare down and engage the very death that many flee from.

The Rose of Sharon
The DNA Ingrained

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