The Genius at Work-Painting Synopsis

The Genius at Work-Painting Synopsis

By: Steve R. Skipper / Artist

Out of all the years of being aware of the Civil Rights Movement and the legacy of Dr. King, I would come to find out that there was a hidden link to the chain of legacy. The imperative link including the quest to Bimini Bahamas for an unparalleled encounter in the secret place of the Most High. A place where a heart to heart conditioning was experienced. Escaping the ever descending forces of death deep into the mangroves of Bimini. Reaching the arms of God and gaining the courage to stare down and engage the very death that many flee from.

The experience of retracing his steps to Bimini, face to face and ear to the mouth of Captain Ansil Saunders. Listening to eye witness testimony of the man used as Jonathan helped Gods chosen David to find the solitude to finish his chosen course.

After photographing the unbelievable scene and encountering the presence of God in which Dr. King described as an experience unexperienced anywhere, my inspiration at an all time high. I would then began study of the photos and discover my greatest Studio challenge to date. The vision and God given concept of using the figuration technique with Dr. Kings image in the sky over the mangroves in an unpopular form of him writing his two speeches in the solitude of Bimini. The utilization of the condensed color selection of selected shades of blue. Composing the layers and depth of sky. The plethora of clouds in their God given patterns would provide challenge alone but to transparently infuse the image of Dr. King would heighten the already great challenge. The quest of achieving the Painting style of super realism would cause me to take my dependence on Gods hand and instruction to higher level than ever. I would then decide to take the realism in the face of Dr. King to a much more deeper level. The airbrushing of the clouds with its acrylic paint would be merged with the slow process of oils. The machine of the airbrush with its intense and careful hand control, merging with the meticulous method of multiple brush techniques of oils. Two impeccable techniques merging yet still limited by the small family of color in the Bimini sky.

After over 400 hours of easel hours I would then move on to the complex maze of the mangroves. Beautiful to look at but a challenge to paint that can only be met by the guiding hand of their creator. The levels of depth from horizon to the front of the canvas. Balancing the image of depth. The hazy look of the furthest point to the mid rage, then each step closer to super realistic detail. Over 5000 individual leaves in multiple shades of green. Sizes changing with each degree of depth. The patterns changing from bush to bush. An awesome and intricate puzzle which demanded intricate attention to detail in only one inch spaces at a time. A complicated puzzle that demanded tremendous focus and rendering much pressure and stress on the eyes, mind and body. Many times reminding myself during breaks that the message of this Commemorative and the memory of Dr. King was very much worth every inch of detail and realism.

After another 400 hours of work in the mangroves then came the tedious task of placing the sections under the mangroves where the water from the ocean would show. Over 100 openings. Some large enough to notice easily, yet some very small in which only the serious viewers of the Painting would notice and appreciate. I would find out early into this Painting that God would require the much that he had given as the motto for this project would be definitely painstaking.

After completing the water openings there came the dark shadows cast on the water by the mangrove leaves and then deciding to change the color of the water to match the balance of the sky color above and a gentle merge with the depth of the mangrove shadows.

Then would come the platform which held the beautiful sculptured bust of Dr. King which memorialized his time in this impeccable place. The platform having three different sections which would have to be done section by section while maintaining perfect proportion of its lovely construction. The top portion I would do with the multiple colors which would make its white color realistically balanced by all of the non white colors. At this point your down to the vey small brushes which demand the holding of breath to achieve the lines and intricate shapes of the construction. Including each nail which was used as well as each individual wood stained board making up the circular designed base. The sunlight from the sky which reflected of the water and shined against the weather beaten wooden base was a challenge with all of the required color inclusion necessary to give the required look of realism.

I would then go on to the sculptor of Dr. King. Intimidated in two ways at this point. Duplicating another Artist work and also holding the likeness of Dr. Kings intimidating image. To get to this point of exhaustion and to pray for the strength to maintain heightening laser like focus. With very small brushes the task to duplicate the sculpture and maintain every Pre created inch of its design. Balancing the achieved balance of likeness. Very challenging. I would then decide to take Artistic license and rework some of the points of likeness in the face of Dr. King in the sculpture thus adding my complete touch in the Painting which maintaining the honor of the sculptures creator.

Then would come the final 150 hours of what I call the touch up stage. The stage in which each area of very intricate detail is tightened even further.

Without doubt this is to date the most difficult Painting to date yet I know I didn’t stop until God said to and until I was sure that Bimini, America and Dr. King would be satisfied.

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