The Genius At Work

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Sanctuary in Bimini Bahamas

In 1964 and 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. experienced great pressure and threats on his life. He would escape to the beauty and unparalleled peace of Bimini Bahamas where he wrote his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance and I’ve Been to the Mountain Top speeches. 54 years later the Governmental Officials of Bimini invited Artist Steve R. Skipper to the place where Dr. King went for the peace to write these two of his most powerful speeches. Upon arriving in the Mangroves of Bimini Skipper was overwhelmed by the beauty and powerful remaining presence of Dr King. He returned to his Studio and thus was born the Original Painting entitled “The Genius At Work”. Celebrating not only Dr. Kings visit to Bimini but also his extraordinary skill at writing. Anointed Homes Art would like to invite you to embrace the extended and hidden legacy of Dr. King as we bring together the Bahamas and America with this powerful masterwork in Oils. Order your Gicle’e Limited Edition Print today and experience the peace that passed all understanding in the Mangroves of Bimini that enabled Dr. King to find solace and courage at the Mountain Top.
“Steve Skipper has done a remarkable job with the Painting “The Genius At Work” featuring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He’s done it in such a way that it’s not the Dr. King of 50 years ago. It’s the Spirit of Dr. King who hovers over us and looks out over us all over the world today. I want to thank Steve Skipper for putting this in the form of Art. Art has a powerful message in it and it lets Dr. King keep speaking to us today. So thanks a lot Steve. You did a wonderful job. God bless you”.


Ambassadore Andrew J. Young

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